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We want to encourage more experimentation in the world of web3 and, to that end, we're launching an experiment of our own. We’re calling it Grants, paid out in crypto (ETH, SOL, or whatever you desire), to hackers who want to tackle interesting new ideas in the crypto space.

Think of this as sort of an early investment in people with no paperwork or ownership - allowing you to get going faster. The idea is to find a handful of hackers and/or artists who want a bit of a kickstart to build something unique and to fund each of them with a tiny grant so they can get started.

We don't care where you build (ETH, SOL, ...) but only ask that you publicly share your progress and your work: on the blockchain, on TikTok, on IG, on Discord, wherever.

We're opening up a public application for ideas, and you can find that form here: Apply.

Each person will receive up to $5K USD (paid in BTC, ETH, SOL). We're going to start with 5 people at $5K each, but we plan on doing more in the future and will enlarge the pool as we learn and grow.

The rules:

Examples of projects we might support:

Apply here.

Oh, and if you need to, you can get in touch with us via DM at @cachemoneyxyz.